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Mobile Physical Therapy to recover from injuries and limitations to live the life you deserve in Mesa AZ
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Mobile Service

Mobile Service

20+ Years of Experience

20+ Years of Experience

Revolutionary Results

Revolutionary Results

Find relief

Get moving again.
"B-Fit" to have a great experience!

Doctor with Patient

B-Fit Physical Therapy

B-Fit Physical therapy offers the best that sports medicine can provide. Convenient. Flexible. Physical Therapy sessions to suit your lifestyle. We provide PT services in your home, at your office, in the field, or at an event.

  • Mobile Services - Measurable, customized care plan for optimum healing
  • Revolutionary Approach - Access techniques used by elite athletes.
  • FREE Initial Consultation - Discover how Physical Therapy can help you.

Here's how we get you feeling great again

Let's Talk

Let's Talk

On the phone, using telehealth video or in-person. We take the time to learn about your pain.
Create your plan

Create your plan

We work together to create a revolutionary recovery plan to reduce your pain right away!
Enjoy your active life

Enjoy your active life

Use mobile physical therapy to get back to your activities and live the pain-free life you deserve.

It's time to take back your life and start living pain free

Our services

Most patients find more than one physical therapy method helps speed healing.
So, we offer a variety of services

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Find comfort. Find relief.
Find peace of mind

Why choose us?

Our Revolutionary Approach
To Mobile Physical Therapy in Mesa. AZ.

Doctor with Patient in Room

Welcome to
B-Fit Physical Therapy and Health Services

A revolutionary approach to physical therapy in Mesa, AZ. With over 20 years of experience and a listening ear. Let us be your secret weapon!

  • Mobile Services - Professional experience and skills to hears and understand your needs.
  • Revolutionary Approach - Outcomes worth bragging about!
  • FREE Initial Consultation - Discover how Physical Therapy can help you.

Time to B-Fit

Pain is no fun. Especially if it means being benched with your injury!

Did you have surgery and need outpatient physical therapy services? Or got hurt playing sports? Mobile B-Fit Physical Therapy comes to you to get you up and moving again!

After a FREE initial assessment, your Physical Therapist develops a revolutionary, personalized program for your unique recovery path. As you continually progress, we reassess to determine the changes necessary for your recovery plan.

I am here with you every step of the way!

Doctor Explains...

It feels hopeless when
pain holds you back.
We set you free.

  • Results-driven, measurable, customized care plan
  • Access to tools and techniques used by Olympic athletes
  • 98% of patients report feeling improvement after just the first visit

Still wondering if Physical Therapy is the solution
to your pain?

Setup a Free Phone Consultation to find out!